Links & Sources

Where to look for more information, but be aware that they  don’t always agree with each other.

Other Converse family websites and social media: family trees (subscription may be necessary):

Donald Ross Converse 1909-1957: Flickr photos (Carolyn Converse-Cooper collection)

Some Converses of Upstate New York: Flickr photos (Carolyn Converse-Cooper collection)

Thompson Connecticut graveyard: some Converse gravestones

Hal B. Whitmore (2015) The English Ancestry of Deacon Edward Convers and His Nephew, Allen Convers, Great Migration Emigrants to the Massachusetts Bay Colony (March 2015 draft). See also here.

The Converse Family and Allied Families by Charles Allen Converse (Boston: Eben Putnam, 1905) – the 1905 “bible” of Conversology (available via Ancestry:

Rootsweb “Converse Connections” link – a comprehensive catalog of information gathered by Hal Whitmore and others.

The Road to Royalty is Broken **- A thesis disconnecting Deacon Edward Converse from the Royalty of Medieval England. By Robert J. Kurtz – 1998

Family Record of Deacons James W. Converse and Elisha S. Converse, compiled and Edited by William G. Hill, Malden, Mass. Privately Printed 1887 – the (flawed) source of the Roger de Coignières myth.

Converse Rubber Shoe Company – a brief history, sort of, as opposed to the…

Boston Rubber Shoe Company – founded by Elisha Slade Converse.

American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society publications

An eight-generation genealogy of the Eatons of Salisbury and Haverhill Massachusetts – William H. Eaton and Philip E. Converse (2004)

The Winthrop Fleet: Massachusetts Bay Company Immigrants to New England, 1629-1630 – Robert Charles Anderson (New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2012)