Converse Family Genealogy

The Converse family must be one of the best documented families in North America, with extensive records and genealogies going back to the earliest settlements. Despite this, there remain many interesting puzzles and discrepancies: breaks and inconsistencies in documentary records, myths and legends that don’t stand up to closer scrutiny, ambiguities and alternative interpretations in the records.

This is our attempt to reconcile and resolve some of these puzzles and to bring the story up to date. As far as possible we are trying to rely on careful evaluation of original sources, whilst beginning the application of modern genetic analysis methods to explore earlier ancestry. One interesting outcome so far from the DNA analysis is the intriguing possibility that the male Converse line is of Middle Eastern origin.

This story is still unfolding – watch this space.

Carolyn Converse-Cooper
Hal Whitmore
Philip Converse (deceased)
Alan Cooper